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Argentine magic brings Juventus to the top! (video + photos)

Argentine magic brings Juventus to the top!  (video + photos)

Juventus scored an easy 2-0 victory over Udinese in a 28th round of the A Series. The `black and white` attacks are realized by Paulo Diballa. Extremely strong match was made by Argentinean Gonzalo Iguaine, who won a foul in the first goal and assisted for the second of the hero in today`s meeting.

Massimiliano Allegra`s team is now a leader in the A Series after surpassing Napoli with two points. The great series of `bianconers` continues. Juve has not yet hosted a goal since November. The shape of Udine is very controversial. The lineup of Massimo Odo is in a series of four consecutive losses.

Minutes before the start of the meeting, the star of the `black and white` Gonzalo Iguain was awarded a February player.

The Turin duel began with a minute`s silence and applause in applause to Fiorentina`s recent captain, Davide Astori, who died suddenly a week ago in his hotel room in Udine. The most emotional at this time was the legend Canluigi Buffon, who was crying on the bench. The first interesting situation came after just 120 seconds of play. Yakub Yangtok advanced strongly on the right but there Juve captain George Chielenny infringed on the attacking player. Ali Adnan shoots great by a foul, but Shcsheni intervenes, killing the ball in a corner kick. During the first 15 minutes of the meeting, the `old lady` controlled the field. The Halves of the Marquisio, Sturoro and Kedera team, actively assisted by Paulo Diballa, were the masters of the green carpet. Mattia De Shilio made a great break on the right flank, the national centered on land, but Sturoro could not detect his submission.

In the 20th minute the Argentine pearl, Paulo Diballa, burst again! Talent shoots from a direct free kick and with the left foot dirty Bisari. An interesting fact is that the 24-year-old player already has 8 goals after a free-kick, and no A-series footballer has more hits than similar situations in the 2015/2016 season.

In the 37th minute, DiBallah was over all after winning a penalty this time. Behind the ball was caught by Gonzalo Iguain who left it in the lower left corner. This was the second consecutive missed penalty for the 30-year-old striker. Pitta did not score from the white point in the first match against Tottenham. Seconds before the end of the first part, Chinelini could have been shot with a head from a corner but the captain in today`s meeting fired slightly above the goal. The two teams started the second half without any changes. Max Allegri and Massimo Odo did not take any shifts. In the 49th minute Juve reached a second goal. A moment of Argentine magic brought a new hit to Albano Bizari`s network. Dybala and Iguaine combined fantastically, the first one finished the attack with a goal.

In the 55th minute, Sammy Kedera also got a chance to scratch, but the German national shot high above the door, although he was in a good position. After just seven minutes, Kedera left the game and Bless Matthew appeared in his place. In the 70th minute black and white made a three-by-one combination. Who found Iguaine, who centered on a land on a second beam, where was the Mauttidis reserve, but inches did not reach the French national to scatter?

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